Ayurvedic Cooking Class: Basics


As we move into the much awaited Fall season, our digestion also changes with circadian rhythms. This is a good time to learn what foods and spices can help your body into a smooth transition as weather gets more dry, windy and cold. The basics of Ayurveda class will introduce you to what is your dosha and how to prepare a delicious flavorful and easily digestible meal.

Check out this video on shopping at Farmer’s market. https://youtu.be/nZcddu5NBVY

Let food be thy medicine. Ayurveda considers time of day and current season to be important factors in choosing your foods and how you prepare them. As we transition into fall, learn foods, spices and art of cooking that can keep your physiology balanced. Come and experience the joy of Ayurvedic cooking with Dr. Manisha Mittal.

This class is offered free for members of Moksha Holistic Center.  Members can send an email to mhcfresno@gmail.com to reserve your spot by no later than 11/1/22.

Date: Saturday, 11/5/2022

11 a.m.

60 minutes

Moksha Holistic Center
7045 N Maple Ave Suite 101 Fresno, CA 93720



Note: Before taking any dietary supplements please consult with your physician.


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