Your Personalized Approach To Healing Mind, Body & Consciousness


Have you been following a healthy diet, doing intensive work outs, with only short term results. It may be that you are not following these therapies based on your prakruti or genetic constitution. Moksha holistic center offers a personalized approach for every individual as you are unique in your genetic make up.

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Moksha Holistic Center offers you a personalized approach to healing based on Ayurveda. Ayus is life, veda: knowledge, in essence it is science of life. Ayurveda is ancient wisdom ~ 5000 BC, which has been described in Vedas to help promote longevity of life. Ayurveda believes health is wealth. One has to have a balance with physical body (sharira), the mind (sattva) and the consciousness or spirit (atma). This tripod is the foundation of health. Modern medicine has only now started talking about Mind, Body & Spirit.

Each and every individual has a unique prakruti or constitution (also called as your genetic code). In this class you will learn to determine your constitution type and simple ways to balance your health with diet, lifestyle and exercise.

Saturday,  September 14, 2019

10 a.m.

40-60 mins.

Moksha Holistic Center
7045 N Maple Ave, Suite 101 Fresno, CA 93720



Note: Before taking any dietary supplements please consult with your physician.


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