Secrets to Naturally Glowing Skin


Beauty is more than skin deep. Learn practical tips for skin care with herbs and proper diet suited for your body type.

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Moksha Holistic Center is pleased to offer this class for skin care. Beauty is an inner expression of your consciousness, it is more than skin deep. Skin is the largest organ in the body and forms the first line of defense against a foreign invasion. Healthy bacteria that live in our skin work with our immune system to keep this barrier functioning. Changes in season, inadvertent diet, lifestyle choices can compromise this barrier function and alter the immune response. In this class we will learn to balance our diet, lifestyle based on our prakruti(our unique genetic code) to promote naturally glowing and radiant skin. We will also explore ayurvedic recipes for maintaining healthy skin.


10 a.m.

40-60 minutes

Moksha Holistic Center
7045 N Maple Ave, Suite 101 Fresno, CA 93720



Note: Before taking any dietary supplements please consult with your physician.


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