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Most frequent questions and answers

What services are offered at Moksha Holistic Center ?

At Moksha Holistic Center we offer personalized health consultations, educational classes on health & lifestyle. In addition we offer Ayurvedic cooking classes, skin care, herbs, supplements to promote health & wellness. In 2019 we will be starting ayurvedic cleansing and detox programs.

Can Dr. Mittal be my primary care physician ?

We provide ayurvedic consultations at Moksha Holistic Center, patients seen in the holistic program will NOT be under the medical care of Dr. Manisha Mittal in any capacity. Your own physician is responsible to oversee your medications and blood work. It is strongly advised to keep your physician advised of the dietary and lifestyle changes you are making.

What is a personalized health consultation?

At Moksha Holistic Center we offer personalized health consultation for prevention and treatment of chronic health conditions and help clients reach their optimal health goals.

Do you accept medical insurance ?

No, we do not accept medical insurance.

Do you provide refunds ?

Personalized Health Consultation:
We do require 2 business day notice should you need to cancel or reschedule. Please note there is a $75 cancellation fee for appointments cancelled less than 2 business day notice. 

The $75 cancellation fee will be charged at the time of the late cancellation or missed appointment. However, the full $75 will be applied as credit if you reschedule your consultation visit within 1 month.

Online Shop/Store:
All products and services are non-refundable. We do not provide refunds or accept returns for products and services offered via online store at the moment.

Note: Credit card processing fees are not refunded for any service.

What can I expect with my health consultation?

Dr. Mittal practices holistic medicine based on principles of Ayurveda which is an ancient system of complementary medicine from India.  During your consultation, your health issues will be addressed in a comprehensive way, we will review your health history, with particular attention to the details of your diet, lifestyle. We also do a pulse exam to evaluate your state of balance, physiology, and pertinent physical exam.

After your evaluation we will give you information about your mind-body type, doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), presence of any impurities (Ama), your digestive fire (Agni), and how these factors affect your health.

Dr. Mittal will then recommend a highly personalized program using an integrative and holistic approach including diet, exercise, herbs, supplements, daily routine to help balance your mind-body physiology (doshas).

How can I sign up for my consultation ?

You can sign up for consultations online at
The charges are US$ 199/- for the ayurvedic consultation program. This includes a 60 min initial consultation with the health care professional, during which an assessment and recommendation plan is given to you. Follow up consultations can be booked for US$ 99/-. Contact us to know more.

What do I need to bring in for my consultation?

If there are any health records you would like to share with Dr. Mittal.  You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire prior to your consultation, we do request you come in 15-20 min early for your appointment. Late arrivals will result in shortened time for consultation. Please bring your ID and come with a warm smile. You are ready to embark on journey to heal from within.


What is your shipping policy?

We offer FREE standard shipping on eligible orders $75 and over, after discounts and before taxes, within the continental US. Select “Free Standard Shipping” at checkout.

For all other orders, standard shipping rates apply. These rates are determined via your cart totals and are available before you checkout. We provide tracking numbers for all our shipments.

For more information on shipping contact our customer support.

Does membership renew automatically?

When you sign up for our Annual Plan, your membership will automatically renew at the end of your chosen membership period. To stop automatic renewal you can login to your profile and cancel the membership or contact us via email or telephone.

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