Ayurveda Consultation – Follow Up Visit


Ayurveda skillfully uses appropriate foods, herbs, lifestyle modifications, and routine in order to create and maintain a balance (Swa-Stha) between bodily tissues, digestion, and metabolism. It channels and fosters happy senses, mind, and consciousness. All these are part of the holistic definition of a healthy individual. Together we will evaluate your symptoms and causes of imbalance, and design a treatment plan specifically for you.

Note: All bookings are final. No refund or cancellations allowed. Thank you.

To book a follow-up consultation, please select the date/time and complete the consultation form and send it our way. Once we receive your request, our staff will contact you and confirm your appointment details. Note: the dates/times may change for final consultation. Only select this consultation option if you have completed and initial visit. For initial visit consultation Click Here.


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