Bringing Joy this Holiday Season!

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Celebrating a Spiritual Christmas and ways to have a joyful holiday season.
  1. Gratitude is a way of Appreciating yourself and others for little things in life. It can help you change your outlook. It is like seeing the glass half full vs half empty.
  2. It is very powerful practice for well being and helps enliven the mental energy in the body.
  3. Improve your sleep, hormones, neurotransmitters your chemistry is more in balance.
  4. It is about creating joy in your life and others.

Practice ways to a joyful holiday season:

  1. To experience joy or positive energy, be aware, in the moment, shift awareness to notice things around you- a flower, beautifully lit Christmas tree, snow peaks.
  2. Start your day by saying a thank you prayer when you wake up.
  3. Self-compassion -Abhyanga- oil massage for body, warm herbalized oils- sesame oil, coconut oil- grounding, improves lymphatic circulation, balances sympathetic system.
  4. At work- Say thank you, Smile, volunteer to help a friend, cheer on a colleague.
  5. Write a letter of gratitude to someone in the community- teacher, doctor, caregiver, cleaning service, friend, grandparent, sibling.
  6. Start a Gratitude journal- things you are grateful for today.
Dr. Manisha Mittal shares with Central Valley Today team, ways to joyful holiday season.

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