Golden Ice Spice – Turmeric Ice Cream


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Creamy blend of turmeric and spices for healthy sweetness that is sure to win you over with its charm!
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Golden-Ice Spice is a harmonious blend of turmeric and flavorful spices. Using high quality ingredients, we never rush the process of making ice cream. We respect the environment by minimizing our waste and source local farm ingredients to give back to the community. We do not use any hormones or antibiotics in our dairy product. Golden ice-spice has a perfect blend of spices to kindle your digestion and keep you active through the day!

Weight 16 oz

8 reviews for Golden Ice Spice – Turmeric Ice Cream

  1. Jacob Cox

    I have tried many ways to intake Turmeric and decided to give this this ice cream a shot. I must say even it the Turmeric was not included this has actually become my favorite flavor of ice cream! I bought some for my entire family and will continue to do so. Plus, I believe it is made without egg for those with egg allergies. I recommend giving this ice cream a try at least once it will be worth it.

  2. Jacob Cox

    I have tried numerous ways to intake Turmeric to help with my inflammation. When I had seen this ice cream, I decided to give this it a shot. I must say, even if this didn’t have the Turmeric aspect, this has become my favorite flavor of ice cream! The Turmeric and other spices blend together so well! I recommend giving it a try, I think it is delicious! Plus, I do believe it is made without egg for those with egg allergies!

  3. Alline Carlson

    I really like the tumeric ice cream.

  4. Edna Harris

    This is the best tasting ice cream. I almost couldn’t stop from eating the whole thing at once. Turmeric is great gor joint pain. It stopped my hip pain when it was very bad. So glad to have the ice cream form.

  5. Nivedita Nijhawan

    Did not feel guilty about finishing the whole container. Healthy way to treat your self with a delicious desert. I would not mind having it everyday. Definitely recommend for people who would like to benefits for turmeric. Better than having turmeric shots or capsules.

  6. TAMMIE SHEPLEY (verified owner)

    I originally tried it for the health benefits, but it was delicious as well. It was a subtle spice flavor that I really enjoyed. I had never hear of ice cream being good for you before.

  7. George Feist

    I tried the sample of the Golden Ice Sprice Cream….I found it a unique flavor. I have liked Tumeric supplements and other products with that spice. The ice cream was really interesting and flavor added to my favorite flavors of ice cream. Check it out if you can get it at your stores or contact Manisha Mittal for information.

  8. Caroline Sanders (verified owner)

    I like to think of the Golden Ice Spice – Turmeric Ice Cream as my comfort food but it is much more. It has a smooth flavor and soft consistency. The holistic/medicinal benefits are primarily the reason I have been advised to supplement my diet with turmeric. But after sampling this ice cream in the office, I bought a pint. It has kept well in my freezer which allows me to pace myself. I also plan to keep my freezer stocked with this sweet treat for others to enjoy.

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