Spiritual Fitness Workshop


The spiritual workshop focuses on replenishing physical, mental and emotional health from feeding the soul.  The aim of the workshop is to help recreate a sense of purpose in life with self awareness. “Know thyself”.

Upcoming workshop Sep 18-20th, 2023 @Moksha Holistic Center 9am-11am

  • Includes pranayama, breathing exercises that help with energy, focus, reducing anxiety and improving digestion.
  • Yoga asanas: soothing yoga postures that engage all major muscle groups, joints.
  • Guided meditation: to help settle the mind.
  • Kirtan: chanting praises to the divine.
  • Chakras
  • Cooking demonstration.
  • Take home guide for continued spiritual fitness.

This workshop is beneficial for those feeling stagnant at physical, mental and emotional level. Feeling a loss of purpose in life. Regular spiritual practice can unfold a profound state of balance and well-being. The participants will learn to integrate spiritual practice with day-to-day life in a way that is meaningful and practical and includes health, healing and wholeness.


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